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Permaculture Design Certification Course graduates in NYC

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andrew faust teaching permaculture in Brooklyn
Our courses will train you to become a consultant and designer with the ability to creatively integrate:

-Ecological Design
-Regional Planning
-Biodynamic & Organic Gardening
-Sustainable Economic Development

You learn how to apply permaculture principles to a diversity of settings and issues with an emphasis on urban and temperate bioregions.  You will graduate with a competency in full site design, master planning and a deep understanding of the principles of permaculture design. You will be poised to creatively, imaginatively and comprehensively assess and consult for properties, business models and social structures.  

Teaching Teams

Our entire teaching team is passionate about teaching permaculture and sharing the tools for positive solutions. From Bill Young the biodiversity specialist who reforested Fresh Kills to Lisa De Piano cooperative business pioneer creating revenue and relationships between bicycle compost pick-up, CSA’s and restaurants, you will learn dynamic ways to create opportunity and abundance wherever you are.  

Field Trips

Our Urban Permaculture focus will feature two excellent field trips: one to the extensive green roof laboratory on Randall’s Island with Dwaine Lee of the Horticultural Society and another visiting the community garden’s of the Lower East Side that have been retrofitted to harvest rainwater and reclaim brownfields with Lars Chellberg and Paula Hewit Amram.  

Our Commitment to You!

We are constantly striving to make each PDC a rich learning experience by continuing to educate ourselves and stay relevant in this dynamic world. Andrew is a true scholar and brings to each student his solid experience and a life of active learning: from deep nature to concrete jungle, from classic tomes to the newest books and theories on evolution. We love to talk to prospective students about what sets our course apart and makes it so life changing. Send us an email, give us a call. We look forward to speaking with the future designers of society!

Transformative Permaculture Classes

- Ecological Consciousness: The Metaphysics of the Human Being
- Permaculture and Bioregionalism: Ecological Models for Economic Development
- Permaculture Power Grids: Decentralized Energy
- Creating a Healthy World: Ecological Ways of Living
- Health and Longevity: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves
- Pollution and You: The True Costs of the Military/Industrial Complex
- Ecological Politics, Transforming World Views
- Decadence vs. Abundance: A Brief Ecological History of America and the World
- Regenerating Urban Centers: Bringing in Nature
- Ecological Literacy vs. Environmental Education

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Hands-on Permaculture Workshops
- Introduction to Permaculture and Biodynamic Gardening
Organic Vegetable Production with Hand Tools: Techniques and Strategies
- Permaculture, Ecology and Biodynamics: Design Ideas for Your Home and Garden
- One World, One Life: Modalities of Change, Local and Global
- Building with Natural Materials and Regenerative Homesteading
- Ecological Literacy Courses
- Humans from Earth
- Transforming World Views

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Permaculture classes in Brooklyn Winter 2013

Course Description

We love to talk to prospective students about what sets our course apart and makes it so life changing. Send us an email, give us a call. We look forward to speaking with the future designers of society!

This course will cover the core 72 hour Permaculture Design curriculum, including additional hours of in class and out of class activities to adapt this course to our region and to contemporary ecological issues in the United States. You will learn how to apply Permaculture principles to a diversity of settings and issues with an emphasis on urban and temperate environments.

This Permaculture design course provides a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. Come be inspired by the possibilities of today and not by the fear of tomorrow!

Primary Permaculture Design Applications;

  • Bioregional design science that provides a new model for economic development.
  • Addressing the major issues of our day from a whole systems perspective.
  • Worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.
  • Solution oriented ecological approach to retrofitting our societies.

This course is perfect for motivated individuals who wish to use the tools of Permaculture in urban and rural environments as well as for modeling sustainable and regenerative businesses.

Lecture topics: Urban redesign and retrofit, passive solar and natural building, inner-city gardening techniques, indoor and apartment gardening, indoor mushroom cultivation, fermented foods, whole foods, Living Machines and natural waste water treatment, niche market and cooperatively owned business ideas, rain gardens, bioremediation, green roofs, rooftop gardens, how to clean polluted air with plants, biogas generators, Bioregionalism and regional self reliance, the economics of globalization, evolution of life on earth, history of agriculture, Biodynamics, natural history of Eastern woodlands, wood lot management, watershed health, the integration of animals into cultivated ecosystems, and so much more!

To receive a certificate students must attend all 11 classes and present a final Permaculture site design. Students will be given the option to present their final design individually which is a different approach than most PDCs. In our experience, and from what our growing number of students say, this contributes to a more practical, professional and intellectually stimulating learning experience. As a result a number of our student's final presentations have gone from paper (or electronic presentations) to actualized, real-world designs.

$40.00 per 2 hour class

permaculture graduates in NYC
permaculture certification graduates
Andrew faust and Adriana magana permaculture certification graduate

Learn about the importance of BioGas for energy in New York City

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Two new series of workshops by Permaculture designers and educators - Andrew Faust and Adriana Magana.

Food and Vitality
Local and seasonal foods and their preparation:
Next dates TBD - “Food and Vitality” - from 1 to 3pm @ 225 South 2nd, Brooklyn NY
In this workshop, the broad spectrum of eating right for your region, season and maximum vitality will be addressed through the demonstration of sprouting whole grains and beans; growing wheat grass, sunflower, buckwheat and flax, micro greens; culturing raw dairy; using slow and low heat cooking methods to preserve vitality.

Next dates TBD - Whole Grain Organic Sourdough”  - from 5 - 7pm @ 225 South 2nd, Brooklyn NY 

Next dates TBD -
“Herbal Tinctures and Remedies” from  12-2pm @ 225 South 2nd, Brooklyn NY

Please register at least one week in advance so we can insure the correct amount of ingredients. This is sure to fill up fast!

Come and learn how to live well and in harmony with the earth while boosting immunity and increasing longevity!



Center for Bioregional Living

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Permaculture Certification Training 2015

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I took a permaculture course presented by The Center for Bioregional Living at the end of last year, and it truly effected me. The teacher, was amazing, and the group was diverse and inspiring. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life, and quality of life on earth!

Learn more about permaculture and our celebrated
Permaculture Design Certification course. 
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This 80+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course imparts a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. We will train you to be a permaculture consultant who can apply the permaculture principles to a diversity of landscapes, scales and issues from rural to urban, and temperate to tropical environments.

Permaculture Ways of Living - Homesteading, Ecovillages & Bioregional Economies


The confluence of peak oil, loss of biodiversity, and widespread pollution from carbon-based industries points to the growing need for an alternative to our way of living.

Using natural, scientifically based approaches, the worldwide permaculture movement addresses these issues to develop a healthy, vibrant, more sustainable model we can all use right at home. During this 5-day workshop, leading permaculture teacher Andrew Faust shows us how to live off the grid, while staying connected to our communities and the world. We learn to:

  • Turn our home, farm, or cabin into a self-sufficient, low-energy-use, off-the-grid dwelling
  • Use natural energy supplies like passive solar and gravity-fed water systems
  • Detox our home and clean indoor air with plants
  • Develop organic, biodynamic, and biointensive home and rooftop gardening techniques

We also explore permaculture in the kitchen, passive cooking, eating regionally and seasonally, and much more.

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