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Andrew Faust articulates Krishnamurti style interwoven with Tao of Permaculture in the how and why behind our actions that are enumerated by cash flows.

This is a powerful visionary film on Andrew Faust's permaculture classes and how they are changing the world to heal our wounds of separation and disconnection one class at a time.

Andrew Faust sketches out some criteria for thinking through the place of living roof technology in retrofitting our buildings and providing wildlife habitats.

Andrew Faust talking at Earthdance SEEDS festival in Massachussets about the necessity of retrofitting our centralized energy system to be more regional and self-sufficient.

Andrew Faust speaks about much more severe and essential pollution problems to be dealt with, beyond global warming

Andrew Faust elaborates on some key concepts that interrelate these two disciplines and how in particular Permaculture is similar to Biodynamics

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